It Will Be Hot: Your Detailed Horoscope For The Summer

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Video: It Will Be Hot: Your Detailed Horoscope For The Summer

Video: It Will Be Hot: Your Detailed Horoscope For The Summer
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It Will Be Hot: Your Detailed Horoscope For The Summer
It Will Be Hot: Your Detailed Horoscope For The Summer

What month should you schedule your serious skincare routine? When to go on vacation and when to concentrate on work? Astropsychologist Lilia Lyubimova tells what important events in the spheres of family, career, motherhood and beauty the coming summer will bring.

The summer of 2018 brings with it several planetary events that will push us, above all, to a relaxing holiday. The rhythm of life will slow down a little, and this will allow us to truly relax, without thinking about career and work.


The first planetary event is Mercury retrograde. It will be in a retrograde phase from July 26 to August 19. At this time, we may face some difficulties in its functions: travel, travel, communication, training, communications, documents, negotiations.

Together with Mercury, Mars, the planet responsible for our activity, will also enter a retrograde phase. It will be in retrograde phase from June 26 to August 27. At this time, our energy, initiative, thirst for activity will slow down a little. And this period is perfect for rest and relaxation.

Retrograde motion of Mars in summer can be unfavorable only for athletes and their achievements. Anyone who loves sports should be careful not to overdo physical activity during the retro Mars period. You should be especially careful during the period from July 26 to August 19. At this time, both planets will move retrograde - both Mercury and Mars.

Also in the summer we will have as many as three eclipses. July 13, July 27 and August 11. Their special character will help all of us to complete old things and get rid of all unnecessary, unnecessary, past.


For all of us, June will be the most positive month of the summer! Our main task is to properly relax and unwind. At this time, Jupiter and Saturn also move retrograde and seem to make us forget about ambitions and career achievements for a while, and devote more time to rest, relaxation and earthly affairs.

Postpone the renovation, construction and improvement of your apartment or house until September. Let yourself enjoy the summer for real. Planets turn on green lights for a good rest, so my advice to you is: take this opportunity, which does not happen so often!


In June, the position of the planet Jupiter is not conducive to contacts with bosses, government agencies and other institutions. Better to postpone these things and with a clear conscience tune in to vacation! Any kind of recreation will be good, from active hiking in the mountains with a tent to a lazy stay on the beach.

Consider an important point in June. In the second decade, Uranus will square to Venus. This can provoke a desire for radical change and experimentation with the outside world and in personal relationships. But in this case it is better to resist, because the result of your decision, made in an emotional outburst, is unlikely to be positive in the end.


In the second month of summer, the situation will change significantly. At the end of the month, Mercury will also be added to retro Mars in a retrograde phase. This will slow down all processes. And eclipses - solar July 13 and lunar 27 - will add events. All of your endeavors may not go as planned. The vacation may not live up to your expectations. Excursions, museums, sightseeing can tire you rather than fill you with energy. During this period, the usual "seal" rest on the beach is best suited.

Be careful when planning your vacation for the first decade of July. The tense aspect of Uranus to Mars can affect the breakdown of complex mechanisms, transport, and cause unexpected situations on the road. The main motto: the less haste in business, the better.

In July, be especially rational in spending money. Venus will pass into the sign of the practical Virgo, who does not tolerate recklessness. In order not to worry about money when you return from an expensive resort, leave your stash at home.


The most difficult period for the whole summer will be the first 20 days of August.

The influence of the eclipse, which will occur on August 11, will last until the middle of the month. This time can be rich in unexpected events, since the eclipse will occur in conjunction with the retrograde motion of Mercury and Mars.

Business processes will temporarily freeze, and labor exploits will not bring much results. The same will apply to rest. Mercury retrograde will bring chaos and confusion, and Mars unexpected obstacles.

During this period, there may be some difficulties on vacation. Transport delays, flight cancellations, schedule violations, confusion. Perhaps you will not face this at all, but if this happened, treat it with a fair amount of wisdom. Do not take the transfer of the flight as a big tragedy. Use this time to sit in a cafe, chat with loved ones, or use your laptop in the waiting room.


In August (especially in the first two weeks of the month), a rest will be successful, which is associated with solitude, silence. It will be good if your vacation is full of meaning: visiting monasteries, pilgrimage, spiritual practices. Spend more time alone, in harmony with yourself and nature. At this time, it is good to cleanse your body and your own thoughts.

The third decade of August will delight us with the fact that the planets will return to their direct motion, and life will enter its usual rut. You can start living an active life and plan any kind of vacation. The only thing is to dose physical activity. Before the fall, it is better to play it safe and gain strength.



Career: There are many work-related events in the summer that will make you much more experienced and wiser by the fall. This time is not very conducive to making money, so it is better to immediately switch to saving mode. The situation will change for the better since September. You will be able to use your newly acquired skills, including the ability to save.

Love: the summer will be very busy for you. You will be able to experience the full range of feelings and emotions: strong passion, and discord with your soul mate, and stormy reconciliation. It is best to plan a joint vacation from mid-June to mid-July - during this period, mutual understanding will be maximum. At other times, you might get tired of each other rather than rest.

Children: You can get even closer with your child. Try to spend more time together and have a heart-to-heart talk. Joint rest will be successful. You should not send your child to grandmother all summer - he will not prevent you from enjoying your vacation. If you have thought about conceiving a child, then in June you can successfully realize this desire.

Health: you will not have to complain about your health, especially if you start strengthening your immune system and taking care of your own well-being in June. Namely - until the 26th. You will benefit from outdoor recreation: mountains, sea, rivers, lakes. Choose what you like best. The main warning is to take care of your head and do not take unnecessary risks.

Beauty: It is best to look after your appearance when you return from vacation. Beauty procedures, especially injections, are safest to be done in the first decade of July.



Career: In the summer, you may feel a desire for dramatic changes in your activities. If you are determined to leave your previous job, then you should not look for a new job until the end of summer. You better get some rest. If you are comfortable with the situation at your current job, then just tune in to change. They might not be as scary as you imagine them to be.

Love: in love everything will be calm and stable, just as you love. Small conflicts may arise at the end of June, but thanks to your patience, they will easily subside. For a joint vacation, the time is suitable from mid-July to mid-August. The first half of June is a great time for new acquaintances, which can develop into something more.

Children: in July and August, misunderstandings with children are possible. Try to find compromises and not quarrel. It will be calmer if you rest separately. A joint vacation is best planned for the first month of summer - it will be the most successful.

Health: Relaxation is best for your well-being. You will be able to recuperate at the dacha, on the beach, in the countryside or in a calm (even a little boring) country. It is best to plan your vacation in June or late August - early September. The main thing is to monitor your diet and not overeat. A set of extra pounds is possible. (We wrote about ten principles of proper nutrition here).

Beauty: relaxing procedures will help you become more beautiful and slimmer: meditation, massage, spa procedures. You can do them at any time, as soon as you feel the desire to rest your mind and body. (We've covered the best spa treatments for workaholics here.)



Career: in June, you should not plan important things at work: unexpected obstacles will prevent you from achieving your goals. Better to devote this time to relaxation. And in July and August, everything will change dramatically in your favor. These two summer months will be especially successful for those whose activities are related to water, medicine, pharmaceuticals.

Love: this summer may seem boring to you and not at all romantic. Cheer up! If you are in search, then love can come to you only in mid-August. If you are in a relationship, try to find a balance between work and personal life in the summer. Flirt less with the opposite sex if you want to avoid conflicts with your significant other.

Children: with children you will be great at finding a common language. Spend more time together. Joint events will be successful. Get your kids involved as much as possible in what you love. And, of course, try to communicate more and be interested in your child's life.

Health: no matter how sad it is, you better not consider a holiday abroad this summer. The ideal time for this will come a little later - in the fall. Spend the summer in your native latitudes. There is also something to see here! Moreover, it will be beneficial for your well-being. Try to choose places with fresh air, away from the roadway.

Beauty: Plan some serious skincare for August. It is during this period that they will bring excellent results. The rest of the time, sleep and proper nutrition will help maintain beauty.



Career: Summer will be eventful for you. However, it will be difficult to focus at work because all your thoughts will be about your personal life and family. Use this time to reflect on your Napoleonic plans and gather your strength. Postpone all activities related to your business, work, study until autumn.

Love: summer is the time of love! Throughout June you will feel a surge of romance in your life. You can hear important words from a loved one and even receive a marriage proposal. A joint vacation will be successful. In July, pleasant events in your personal life and invariably good mood await you.

Children: You may be surprised to find that your parenting methods have stopped working on children. A joint vacation can give you both positive impressions and be merciless for your nerve cells. How to proceed - listen to your intuition. A little patience won't hurt either.

Health: in June and July, you may not be able to seriously deal with health issues due to the large number of events in your life. August is a better month for vacation. Spend it by the water. Water procedures will be beneficial for your well-being. Swim more.

Beauty: for serious procedures, the time is right in early June. In the rest of the months, maintain your beauty with water treatments: try to actively moisturize your skin, take thermal water for your face with you.

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Career: This summer you should seriously think about the upcoming changes at work, in business, in school. At this time, your position and social status may change. This is a great time for reform and change. Mid-June to mid-July is a great period when you can convince anyone that you are right. Use this opportunity for your career goals.

Love: In love, you can face the indecision of your significant other. In July and August, it will be especially difficult for you to negotiate and find compromises. Better go on a joint vacation in June and early July. This time is the heyday of your romantic feelings and stormy passion.

Children: In August, do not force your children to study hard and prepare for school. It will be given to them with great difficulty. Instead, direct their energies to physical activity and learning circles. Better if they are playful.

Health: Getting enough rest will help you become healthier. You can rest at any time. Follow the recommendations for all signs: June is unlimited, and in July and August, choose calm activities to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Beauty: June is a great time for beauty treatments. At this time, you can deal with the solution of skin problems (moisturizing, cleansing), as well as hair restoration.



Career: June is the busiest and most active month for you in terms of work and career. All major events will take place at this time. Be proactive, make an effort to achieve your goals. Just do it before June 26th. After that, activity at work will gradually decrease, and no one will appreciate your entrepreneurial spirit. But from that moment on, you can switch to rest with a clear conscience.

Love: your time is from mid-July to mid-August. During this period, all events related to your personal life will occur. Lonely Virgos are waiting for an acquaintance. And those who are in relationships are waiting for a new round of their development, full of love and romance.

Children: at the beginning of June, be attentive to the well-being of your child, monitor his nutrition and do not overdo it with physical and emotional stress. From mid-June to the end of August, you can be completely calm for your child and even send him to visit his grandmother or to a summer health camp.

Health: It will be better for your well-being to spend time away from popular resorts. Choose places where you can recuperate, be alone. The courses of cleansing the body, detox, fasting will be successful. If you have long dreamed of relaxing in a deserted place, you have the opportunity to realize your dream. July is the best time for relaxation.

Beauty: Remember that beauty comes from within. You will have enough health care - this will have a beneficial effect on your appearance. Try to use natural cosmetics.



Career: in June you shouldn't set yourself up for a vacation. A lot of work awaits you! The month will be rich in meetings, negotiations, communication. Be patient - this is your foundation for the future. In July, you can get a very advantageous offer that will solve your problems. Don't give it up.

Love: In the summer, it will not be easy for you to agree with your partner about anything, including a vacation spot. Try not to show so much initiative in your personal life and trust your loved one. Let him take you wherever he wants. The main thing is to choose a fairly passive rest.

Children: in summer, your children can become not only helpers in household chores for you, but also excellent companions in work. Give them something responsible, and you will be surprised with what enthusiasm they will take up "adult" business.

Health: try to improve your routine in the summer. Get more rest and sleep. If you feel the need to get some sleep during the day, set aside time for this. You should also not be zealous with physical activity. Health will be strengthened by leisurely walking, swimming and light gymnastics in the morning.

Beauty: in the summer, you should definitely go for a full body massage, do relaxation procedures. You should not plan major changes in your appearance, it is better to postpone them until the fall.



Career: In the summer you will not only have a lot of work, but a lot. There will be more and more of it every month, so it is better to plan your vacation in June. You don't feel like answering work calls and checking emails on the beach on vacation, do you? At the end of the summer, you can run into very emotional clients, so try to get the best possible rest to stay calm.

Love: This summer you will have a strong passion and desire to seduce. A special peak will occur at the beginning of July and August. At this time, romantic acquaintances can be struck. The main warning is to avoid fleeting resort romances. For those in a relationship, the most important thing is not to make your partner jealous. Channel your energies into your relationship.

Children: Children will be difficult for you to handle. You may even feel that the situation is out of your control. Try seeking advice from those with more experience.

Health: the stars advise you to relax by the water (sea, rivers, lakes). The best time to plan your vacation is in July. Drink plenty of water, moisturize your face and body, and take a bath. Water is the best way to relieve stress.

Beauty: Pay special attention to your figure. Exercise, massage, moisturize and nourish your skin. A light tan won't hurt you either. (We wrote about how to get a perfect tan here).



Career: In the summer, don't rely on luck and luck if you want to move up the career ladder. Promotion is possible at the end of the summer, but only if you put in your own efforts. And your external data will also help you! Be smiling and spend more time on yourself and your appearance.

Love: June and July are two bright months for representatives of your sign, when fateful meetings, pleasant surprises and romantic adventures are possible. Towards the end of the summer, you will find it difficult to find a balance between work and personal life. Try to make sure that none of the areas suffer.

Children: Children will not be easy. It's up to you to choose what to do. The main thing is not to swear, by doing this you will only undermine your authority. Try to talk to your children as equals. Be a wiser and more mature teacher for them.

Health: A health resort or spa hotel is suitable for recovery and health promotion. You should not try to recuperate in the country or in the nearest suburb - it will not bring you a lot of impressions. Travel abroad will be most beneficial. Combine them with treatments for health - and this charge will last you all year.

Beauty: July and August are the best months for beauty treatments. Thanks to them, you will be able to maintain your beauty and femininity. If you have not been to the dentist for a long time, visit him. Do you remember that a smile will come in handy in your career advancement?



Career: You may have a quiet period at work in the summer. Use this time to gain new knowledge, especially in June and July. Interesting job offers may await you in August. Try not to conflict with female colleagues and partners - it is from them that you can get a business proposal.

Love: before June 14, it may be difficult for you to reach an understanding with your soul mate - you will pull the blanket over yourself. Do not persist in your own, try to find compromises. If you want to add more romance to your relationship, go on a joint vacation between mid-July and mid-August.

Children: You may be too demanding and strict with your children. However, now give them a better rest and recuperate for the new school year. Try not to strain them too much, let them enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Health: avoid extreme recreation - the consequences can be unpredictable and traumatic for you. You should especially take care of your spine and joints. When playing sports, be sure to warm up. To restore your peace of mind, it is better to go to places you have never been to.

Beauty: in the summer, you should refrain from any procedures for the skin, except for the usual care. Especially don't experiment with new cosmetics you have never tried.



Career: During the summer, you should be careful when completing and signing any paperwork. Remember to read the small print. At work, different situations are possible, sometimes they will even try to piss you off. Keep calm. Think in advance how to avoid certain conflict situations.

Love: Your love time is August. New acquaintances and pleasant events on the love front are possible. In late June - early July, try not to conflict with your soul mate. Learn to compromise and negotiate.

Children: in June you will be on the same wavelength with your children. At this time, it is best to go on joint trips or find ways to get new experiences without leaving the city. Children's whims are possible in July and August, but with your creativity you will find a way to cope with them.

Health: You need good rest to recuperate. You will feel a particularly strong healing effect in June. Try to relax more, but do not forget about intellectual impressions. Be careful when traveling to exotic countries. Try not to eat food that causes you even the slightest doubt.

Beauty: You need outdoor walks to maintain beauty. Oxygen treatments and air baths will be beneficial. They are best done in August.



Career: there are no special events at work. But it's too early to relax. During this time, you can prepare the perfect ground for your future victories. Build up experience, engage in learning and self-education. In August, a lot of small things can fall on you. This is where your new knowledge and skills will come in handy.

Love: the best time for love and joint relaxation is June and the first half of July. Your personal relationship will be very harmonious and full of mutual understanding. Lonely Pisces will have the opportunity to improve their personal life. And in August, you should focus on work. Love will give you extra strength for this.

Children: communication with children will give you real pleasure in the summer. Conflict and difficult situations will be minimized. The main thing is not to forget about the rest of your life. Give your children more freedom and initiative.

Health: Chronic illnesses can worsen in summer. Try not to go far from home, spend more time with your family and loved ones. Regular, not too dynamic workouts will help to improve health: yoga, Pilates, stretching. It is especially good if you do them outdoors.

Beauty: mud baths, wraps and masks with seaweed, as well as all types of water procedures and aromatic oils, will raise the tone and remove traces of fatigue.

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