5 Video Of The Month From Instagram Ksenia Wagner - 3

Video: 5 Video Of The Month From Instagram Ksenia Wagner - 3

Video: 5 Video Of The Month From Instagram Ksenia Wagner - 3
Video: КОММЕНТАРИИ как инструмент для продвижения видео на YouTube 2023, March
5 Video Of The Month From Instagram Ksenia Wagner - 3
5 Video Of The Month From Instagram Ksenia Wagner - 3

The Urban Decay eyeshadow palette, the fresh scent of Comme Des Garçons, the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation and other beauty standouts in the video review by Ksenia Wagner.

Smoky eyes

Has blown smoke in your eyes, how do you like this smoke? In general, all my make-up experiments began at the age of 12 with shadows, mother-of-pearl squares from a Ruby Rose plastic chest. Fortunately, today the shadows are a thousand times better, and in general it is much more interesting to paint 30 than 12, because you can afford everything and not be afraid of anything. And so that smoky eyes don't turn into two black holes on your face, do this:

1) Before the shadows, apply a base, I have Urban Decay, it is the coolest;

2) If you have problems with shading, use creamy eyeshadows - you can apply and shade them directly with your finger (I have Giorgio Armani in my video, still cool from Chanel, Make Up For Ever, Inglot);

3) In any case, it does not hurt to stick patches under the eyes (I love Mosmake and BeautyDrugs), they will protect against gray dust and at the same time moisturize the skin;

4) In the video, I first apply a tone, and then paint my eyes, but in general it is better to do the opposite - so that gray dust does not spoil the tonal coating;

5) For shading, you can use the most ordinary cotton swab - it is especially good for the corners of the eyes, where it is not always possible to get close with a brush;

6) Always combine gray or other dark shadows with a lighter shade (it is in the corners of the eyes) so that the makeup does not look flat and the eyes look like a doll;

7) Do not forget to paint over the inner eyelids with a pencil and use it or eyeliner along the lash line - this way the look will be deeper, and the shadows will not visually "separate" from the eyes;

8) Do not paint too intensively the lower eyelids, if you have not big eyes, give up the eyeliner of the lower eyelid mucosa;

9) Smoky eyes without a good, voluminous mascara - time to waste. In my video Volume de Chanel, voluminous mascaras in pot-bellied tubes from Max Factor and Cabaret from Vivienne Sabo, praised by many of you, are still good for such makeup.

Express makeup

The coolest thing about this rush makeup is this:

1) Cream shadows Ombré Matte, Clarins - I have ancient, pre-ancient, but if anything, Giorgio Armani and Chanel have similar ones, and there are a great many colors. Cream shadows are a salvation if you do not like brushes and are always in time trouble: it is elementary to apply and shade them directly with your finger.

2) Cool Brow Multi-Tasker, Estée Lauder - there is a lead (which I use in the video), and built-in powder, and a brush, super-convenient thing. My shade Dark Brunette is perfect for dark blond.

3) Foundation Parure de Lumiere, Guerlain - on the Guerlain "meteorite" base falls like a second skin, complete fusion and good disguise with a fairly thin and natural coverage. Not greasy, does not float, does not roll, does not feel on the face.

4) Blinc mascara is an analogue of Trish McEVoy mascara, the one that can be washed off with just warm water. I don't really like these (it seems that I wash off my eyelashes with mascara), but they suit many. Blinc, unlike many brands, has a lot of unusual colors (swamp green in the video).

5) Chanel-style blush seems to have been the limit (although I'm not sure), but generally take note of this blush format, different brands have it - fast, convenient and multifunctional. Plus, it's easy to tweak your makeup throughout the day (and nothing is more refreshing than a blush).

6) Clinique lip oil has already shown you many times, but with it, like in a song about summer - I so wish that the oil would not run out. It is very comfortable and addictive.

Makeup in green tones

The frog princess informs you that this makeup set will be useful to everyone:

1) GLAMGLOW Glowstarter Radiance Moisturizer. The coolest novelty that can be used even if you are not wearing makeup at all is an instant moist glow, super-comfort and such a refreshing scent that immediately becomes a good morning. Who is suitable for:

  • girls with normal, dry and dry skin;
  • lovers of rich (but not too fat!) textures;
  • those who need radiance and freshness;
  • hunters for a makeup base that does not tighten the skin and is friendly with any tone (I used Chanel on top from the Vitalumiere line);

2) Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette. I have had this miracle set for two years now, but you can safely take any Urban Decay shadows and you will not go wrong - only MAC pigments shine and shimmer cooler than them.

  • elementary shading, I can even handle it with my fingers;
  • decent durability (and with their own base - make-up as new for 12 hours, this is especially valuable for girls with drooping eyelids, on which "floating" shadows are often imprinted);
  • always not trivial colors;
  • the palette includes brushes that are an order of magnitude higher in quality than many other brands;

3) Chanel Vitalumiere loose powder. My charm has been for many years - because of the lightness and density at the same time. That is, it hides irregularities, but does not look like a helmet. To whom:

  • girls with normal or combined skin in the T-zone;
  • those who need to fix the tone for maximum durability;
  • lovers of natural radiance;
  • for those who like to apply powder with a brush for a more natural result (included in the kit, although I use another, fluffier);
  • brides, heroes of the day (ha-ha) and everyone who needs long-lasting, but natural makeup for the whole day and evening;

Comme Des Garçons Fragrance, Giorgio Armani Eye Shadow, Urban Decay Eyeliner, MAC Eyeliner

Some greenery at sunset:

1) The greenest fragrance Comme Des Garçons, stunning freshness for real … men. If you want to be a little bit of a man - calm, balanced, strong and on your own mind - that's what you need.

2) The most persistent and brightest liquid eyeshadow with the ingenious Giorgio Armani applicator - for mermaid eyes and girls with plans for the whole night (not smudged).

3) Urban Decay Eyeliner is a vacation suitcase veteran, non-drip, non-tarnishing and suitable for any eye color.

4) MAC eyeliner - soft lead, intense color, I use for the lower mucous membrane, when it is necessary for the sea to splash in the eyes.

Makeup in 11 minutes

Makeup in 11 minutes from the summer cottage reserves:

1) Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua tone is a brilliant water for those who do not like a heavy tone. Refreshes, hides minor irregularities without a mask, moisturizes, obediently worn throughout the day. To whom:

  • girls with dry, prone to dryness and normal skin;
  • those who love thin coatings without a mask effect;
  • those who apply products with their fingers;
  • those who do not need to mask noticeable flaws;

2) Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in the coolest shade Driver's Seat is a super-dense and rich color perfect for when you need lips to do all the makeup. To whom:

  • those who want brightness and stamina;
  • fans of colors close to natural;
  • girls with very plump lips, on which too red colors sometimes look defiant;
  • those who do not know how to use a lip pencil (it is not needed with such an applicator);

3) Eyeliner Smooth Silk Eye Pencil, 6, Giorgio Armani - emerald green, rich and thick, for any eye color. To whom:

  • those who love soft leads for easy shading;
  • those who use a pencil and as shadows (see paragraph above);
  • those for whom it is important that the color does not fade during the day;
  • brown-eyed girls who are looking for alternatives to dark gray and blue colors;

5 video of the month from Instagram Ksenia Wagner

Masks-fairy tales: video test from Ksenia Wagner

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